Hello Everyone,

For those that found their way to this page thanks for checking in with me.

I am finally getting started toward building this into an archive of my DIY amp projects that I’ve been creating over the past 10 years. I intend for this to be a fun place for you to learn more about tube amps and the quest for great electric guitar tone.

I’ve spent years trying to figure out how to make small amps sound big, without sounding loud. In the end I’m not convinced that it is entirely possible but there are a few things I’ve found that helped me get closer to that objective. Look for more things to show up here as I have time to post them up.

I’ll put some links to the various featured amp projects below and you can also see some more of my work at my rjguitars web site.





rj’s small amp projects

Click on the link below to learn more:

The Eagle 100


The Triple Watt


The Power Broker



The BR-549-12


The Powder Keg